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About Us

Our Story

Proficient Lawyer is developed by a young entrepreneurial team with a vision to help the legal fraternity to tackle their greatest obstacle. The goal was to create a portable office which ends their sleepless nights.

Proficient Lawyer is a cross-platform application to simplify and resolve major limitations of a legal office and Lawyers. By creating a workspace in the application, you open the door to new world of modern system of network management for legal offices.

Proficient Lawyer effectively simplifies the office management of a Lawyer. You can manage your Juniors, Clerks, Clients, others concerned and even assist the presentation of the matters inside the Court Hall.

Unique features of Proficient Lawyer

features that revolutionize your office
  • Case Card

    Includes Case Types, Case Numbers, Case Descriptions, Court Names, Client Details, Counsel Details and a lot more at your fingertips!

  • Chat and Discuss

    Seperate chat rooms for each case, which helps your office team to have a more interactive and effective discussions.

  • Workspace Management

    Easily switch between one workspace to another so that your cases won't get mixed up!

  • Manage Proceedings

    Easy and efficient management of proceedings and postings.

  • Assign Cases

    Cases can be assigned to your associates or juniors as you decide and can manage with ease.

  • User Friendly

    The interface is so simplified and interactive that users can seamlessly navigate through the application.

Proficient Lawyer is a substitute,
for your conventional office setup!

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Plans and Pricing

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₹349per month

  • Unlimited Cases
  • 500 MB Storage
  • 3 Free Users
  • 2 Add On Users
  • Quarterly : ₹997
  • Half Yearly : ₹1994
  • Yearly : ₹3988

₹549per month

  • Unlimited Cases
  • 1 GB Storage
  • 5 Free Users
  • 3 Add On Users
  • Quarterly : ₹1597
  • Half Yearly : ₹3194
  • Yearly : ₹6388

₹1499per month

  • Unlimited Cases
  • 2.5 GB Storage
  • 12 Free Users
  • Unlimited Add On Users
  • Quarterly : ₹4447
  • Half Yearly : ₹8894
  • Yearly : ₹17788


* ₹99 per each Add On User per Month

* One time payment of ₹75 for additional 500 MB Storage

* One time payment of ₹149 for additional 1 GB Storage

Work with Us

The Interns and Business Development Associates will be provided with a specific set of tasks designed for enhancing and nurturing their marketing and prudence in procedural aspects of court and law. Law students who have completed their first year of law school having decent language proficiency and also students from business schools who wish to sharpen their marketing skills are also welcome. The interns can opt either four or twelve weeks program. Interested candidates can apply for the candidature by sending their CV along with cover letter to:

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